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Special Investigator.
Wayne County Sheriff's Department
Detroit, Michigan
United States

Did Cartman kill Kenny?

Did Cartman kill Kenny? Or was it Kyle? Stan? Chef? Ofc. Barbrady? Evidence points to Cartman, alias Ofc. DeBouvre. Could Ofc. DeBouvre, or "Cartman", be capable of such a terrible action? Could DeBouvre's pent-up frustrations from inmates have push him ober the edge? That is what our crack investigation team has to find out.

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Page number 3.:

Special Investigator Pederson

Our crack investigation team is being headed by the World renown investigator, Ofc. Pederson. Special Investigator Pederson has been working night and day on this case. Special Investigator Pederson will not rest until he has solved the case. Recently asked what evidence he had on the case, Special Investigator Pederson replied, "If I told you, I would have to draw on you and kill you." When asked why he believed that Cartman and Ofc. DeBouvre are the one and the same, Special Investigator Pederson's reply was, "Cause I do."